J.J. Watt Sends His Cleats to His ‘Most-Feared’ Fan

His name sends shudders down the spines of many a quarterback, but NFL defensive end J.J. Watt may just be a big old softie.

The Houston Texans player sent an autographed jersey, hat and his game-worn signature Nike cleats to his biggest superfan, 7-year-old Anthony Tarantelli, reported TMZ Sports. The cleats even had mud left on them from Watt’s three-sack game against the Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback.

Tarantelli made buzz last month when he sent a note to the Texans player saying he had earned the nickname Watt in his youth football league, where he was the “most feared” player. He included a signed jersey for Watt so “you will know me when I’m a famous NFL player.”

Watt, a walk-on to his college team and now an MVP candidate, appreciates hard work — and seemed to like Tarantelli’s, too.


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