Starlettos High-Heel Protectors Debut in U.S.

Accessory brand Starlettos is giving women something to sink their heels into. The Australia-based company has made its heel protectors available in the U.S., both online and in stores.

The soft, flower-shaped protectors fit discreetly over the heel of a shoe, preventing  them from plunging into grassy surfaces, enabling women to wear their favorite pair of heels to outdoor events without falling or damaging their shoes.

The product was created by Ilde Naismith-Beeley, who came up with the concept while planning her own wedding several years ago. Since the event featured a range of settings and activities, including a bush walk and a rock climb to a lawn party, she faced the challenge of safely and comfortably wearing her heels.

After two years of product development, Naismith-Beeley introduced her heel covers, made of a springy material that grips tightly to heels from 8mm to 14mm in diameter. Nonslip bottoms provide extra grip.

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The heel protectors are available in clear or colored versions to blend into the look of the heel. One size fits all, with each pair packed in a small silk sachet that easily fits into a handbag.

Starlettos, which retail for $15.99 a pair, are available at Starlettos.com, Amazon.com and Shopify.com, as well as Shaw Shoes in San Francisco, A Wild Flower in Edwardsville, Ill., and other stores.

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