Trend To Buy Now: Five Flatforms For Every Budget

Movies and popcorn. Summer and swimming pools. Flatforms and weekends. Some things just belong together, you know?

Here are five elevated pairs that combine all the elements we can’t resist about this quirky sandal style: comfort, proportion play and a liberal dose of irreverence — much needed when embracing a trend that can make one’s feet look as ridiculously oversized as a tricked-out cruise ship.

But then, that’s pretty much the point. Just look at the runways of Sacai, Creatures of the Wind and Cèline. Let others prance around in their ballet flats, squeak to-and-fro in sneakers or wobble in wedges. Flatforms are one style that allows you to add serious height while keeping your firm, grounded stride.

But rest assured, while part of the unique charm of flatforms is their weighty look, today’s styles are usually quite the opposite, with cork or other lightweight interior constructions creating a heavy-footed illusion.

And if you choose one of the foamy-soled pairs available right now, like Teva’s, you’ll also imbue your stride with an uplifting bounce.  How’s that for putting a spring in your step? Something we could all use by the week’s end, no doubt.

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