Snowmageddon Shoes: Winter Boots To Tackle Juno

Storm Juno has hit the Eastern seaboard, leaving many of us procrastinators wondering why we waited so long to get a proper pair of winter boots. But, in typical New Yorker fashion, there’s no time like the present.

Luckily, there are many formidable options this season for conquering the polar freeze in style. The emphasis is on cool aprés-ski form combined with the function of providing warmth from the inevitable snow, slush and sleet via wintry-mix-proof fabrications.

Important features to consider include a shearling lining, fur trim, welted rubber soles for traction and tall heights that can master the reported two feet of snow that’s expected. As a Canadian who has experienced her fair share of flurries, frozen temps and record-breaking, ski-to-school weather, trust that this is a fashion predicament in which I am well-versed. There is an art to the right boot-parka-and-beanie combo, after all — just look at the Sundance Film Festival or the streets of Gstaad.

So whether you need to make a quick dash to your nearest department or specialty store or prefer to shop online chez your couch with a cuppa hot cocoa in hand (where many are working from, given city-wide office closures), here are FN’s picks for extreme-weather styles. Go get them before — along with milk, coconut water and canned goods — the store shelves are bare as New Yorkers prepare for Snowmageddon with typically frantic abandon.

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