Lengthening Shoes That Give Legs For Days

Figure flattery is something that often gets forgotten about when it comes to footwear. After all, one of the most splendid things about shoes, versus say, skinny jeans or a Victoria Beckham dress, is that they tend to fit regardless of, ahem, fluctuations north of one’s knees. I don’t know about you, but nothing is more fun to me than sitting in a well-appointed store with spoils of pairs at my feet to try on. I can’t say the same about bikinis, for instance.

But the right shoe, in both cut and color, can make a huge difference to your overall silhouette. And as it’s the season to bare gams in all manner of abbreviated hemline (flippy skirts! mini-dresses! capris!) and shorts (careful now), we thought it might be helpful to steer you towards styles that don’t cut the leg off ruefully and give an illusion of length, be they flats, mid-heels or full she-bang stilettos. Just pick your poison, apply a little Pretty Peasuan (my go-to, it tightens, highlights and also repels insects like a champ) or Tom Ford shimmering body oil (our secret weapon on set for model-esque limbs) and get a leg up now. Click through for our essential edit.

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