Fashion Week Shoe Trend: Feather Embellishments

Are those dusters going down the runways at Fashion Week? No, it seems the next statement shoe will be those with big, exuberant feathers.

From Brother Vellies at New York Fashion Week to Emilio Pucci’s bold, colorful plumes at Milan Fashion Week, it seems birds are on the brain for many designers this season.

Marco de Vincenzo is the most recent designer to embrace the trend, showing sweet, simple strappy sandals adorned with marabous in pink, white and black. The shoes were playful and had a bit of old Hollywood romance to them.

Other designers who incorporated feathers for spring: House of Holland at London Fashion Week. Henry Holland’s take was a little more structured than the others’, with the feathers used as a fringe on the vamps of mules and below-the-knee boots. Colors ranged from black to an ombre pink and definitely didn’t play it safe.

House of Holland Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week
House of Holland spring ’16 runway collection.
CREDIT: Giovanni Giannoni.

No. 21 also garnered attention this week at Milan Fashion Week for turning to a mixture of long, thin feathers mixed with tassels on low booties and mules. The styles were paired with thin legwarmers for an early spring take on footwear.

No. 21 Spring 2016 Milan Fashion Week
No. 21 spring ’16 runway collection.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

With so many designers using feathers to adorn their shoes this season, we guess it’s true — birds of a feather do flock together.

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