Stuart Weitzman Answers FN’s 3 Questions

Stuart Weitzman can’t decide between heels or flats on a woman — it all depends on her mood, he told FN.

The designer, who is currently enjoying a major run with Taylor Swift — the star has been rocking his styles on stage throughout her 1989 tour —has an impressive stock of shoes himself — across two closets.

Here, Weitzman is the latest designer to play a round of FN 3.

1. How many pairs do you personally own?

“Two closets’ full. Half under the bed, of which a third I made for myself. The rest are scattered among the many shoemakers of the world.”

2. Heels or flats on a women?

“No such thing as ‘or’ when it comes to ladies’ shoes. Flats when one wants to feel comfortable and appear confident. Heels when sexy and powerful dominate her mood.”


3. If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?

“I would definitely be a loafer — someone I don’t ever have time to be in my real life.”

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