A Conversation With Sophia Webster

Sophia Webster designs the kind of shoes that get people talking — both online and off.

The creative director and co-founder of her eponymous footwear brand and her husband and managing director, Bobby Stockley, sat down with Footwear News to discuss how they’re growing the business and social media followers in tandem.

Both agreed that a natural comfort level with online engagement has allowed them to reach impressive sales volumes while also seeing their social media presence skyrocket. “I joined Instagram about the same time I started moving away from working with Nicholas Kirkwood to being on my own,” Webster shared.

Sophia Webster butterfly shoes
Detail of Sophia Webster’s butterfly shoes.
CREDIT: Jim Hobart

“We now have 316, 000 followers — and everyone has a voice and an opinion. It’s great for communication and a real conversation with customers.”

Stockley agreed that it suits their slightly shy demeanour to be able to spread the word on their own terms. “I’d rather be texting into a screen than sitting in front of a group of people,” he admitted. “It also has given us tremendous control over our message without bothering with any third parties.”

Though the three-year-old brand outgrew its initial space within six months of launching in 2012, Stockley and Webster insisted that they’ve “built very organically” — and revealed plans to open their first store in London later this year.

Sophia Webster
Stockley and Webster on stage with FN’s Katie Abel.
CREDIT: Jim Hobart

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