Sandal Line To Watch: Sofia Capri

If a tropical vacation to the island of Capri isn’t in your sights anytime soon, Sofia Capri’s line of sandals may be the next best thing.

The men’s and women’s shoe collection–which ranges from $112 to $302 USD—features slide and slingback sandal styles made with premium Italian leathers, all made by hand in Capri.

“It was born out of a passion for the Capri sandal-making craft,” said designer Silvana Molaro, who co-founded the brand with a former colleague, Rossella Frigerio, in 2014.

“I realized that this particular niche in the market was missing originality. One could either find very unique, luxury-branded flats at high prices, or handmade sandals that were lacking innovation in their colors and materials.”

Sofia Capri Sandals
Red leather men’s slide with toe strap.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The collection features stitched wooden soles and colored leathers, in sprightly shades of red, blue and yellow. Metallics also make an appearance throughout the offering, which can easily transition the styles to night.

Molaro and Frigerio were former colleagues working together at Vivienne Westwood, before deciding to launch their own footwear brand. Now, the duo find design inspiration in their daily lives in Capri, where the brand is based.

“My inspiration as a designer is drawn from all that surrounds me,” said Molaro. “Particularly the intense colours and scenery of Capri.”

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