The Best ‘Sex and The City’ Shoe Scenes

Happy Birthday, Samantha Jones! Today marks the birthday of ‘Sex and the City’ star Kim Cattrall, who turns 59. The actress played the rambunctious Samantha for over six seasons on the television series, not to mention a return for two films.

In honor of Cattrall’s birthday, we’ve taken a look back at some of the show’s most memorable shoe scenes—and, no surprise, most of them involve Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie (the ultimate shoe fiend). For the best shoe moments, see below:

Big’s Proposal
Who could forget the show’s ultimate shoe proposal? After a disastrous wedding and years of are-they-or-aren’t-they together, Big finally sealed the deal with Carrie in the first film via a marriage proposal—but instead of a ring, he popped the question offering blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. Almost better than a diamond ring.

The Urban Shoe Myth
When Carrie made a visit to the dreamy Vogue fashion closet, she immediately found her way to Manolo Blahnik’s classic black Campari Mary Janes, dubbing them an “urban shoe myth” due to their rarity and difficulty to obtain.

The Dior Fall
Ah, Carrie’s grand entrance (or rather, tumble) in Dior—a fan favorite. When Carrie takes to shopping the luxury stores in Paris on a romantic, rainy afternoon, she heads over to Christian Dior, where she slips on a wet puddle in the entrance and slides into the store. Embarrassing, yes, but her leather below-the-knee boots were cute.

Charlotte’s Foot Fetish
An innocent shoe browse turns sour for our dear Charlotte. When a sales associate begins offering Charlotte shoe discounts, and even free shoes, she quickly realizes he has a weird infatuation—with her feet.

The Stolen Shoes
A girl’s worst nightmare. After attending a friend’s party, where shoes must be taken off at the door, Carrie’s beloved Manolo Blahniks get stolen. When she confronts her friend about paying the $485 for them, the friend simply refuses, saying, “It’s crazy to spend that much on shoes.”

Carrie’s Budget
When Miranda needs to buy new shoes, she drags along Carrie to help her—only Carrie is on a strict budget and isn’t allowed to buy anything. But that doesn’t stop her from trying styles on, of course, telling a sales associate, “No matter what happens in the next 20 minutes, under no circumstances am I to buy these.”

Fashion Roadkill
Certainly last but not least: when Carrie takes to walking the runway at a fashion show, her heels dislodge—sending her smack down to the floor. But the show must go on. The next model simply walks right overtop her, with Stanley screaming, “Oh my god, she’s fashion roadkill!”

For a look at Carrie’s best shoes from the show, click here.

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