Rupert Sanderson On His Favorite Spring ’16 Shoe And ‘Minions’ Mania

Before he hit Paris this week, Rupert Sanderson sounded off on his favorite shoe for spring, reminisced about “Minions” mania and talked about why he’s already focused on fall.

We just heard Gwyneth Paltrow picked up your favorite shoe for Goop.com for spring. What makes it so cool?

RS: I keep going back to it, the “bathing hat” shoe. I really feel that’s going to be a big hit. You never know until you’ve got it out there, but I think a simple sandal with a ‘prop’ at the back will do well. I want to see every sexy star in the world wearing that and find it in all of the magazines. It’s not a derivative thing, it’s not literal. It’s actually combining things that would make a sexy design.

Rupert Sanderson Casandra shoes
Rupert Sanderson “bathing hat” shoes.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Which celebrity would you most want to wear that sandal?

RS: The Jessicas – Alba or Chastain.

I know we’re all focused on Paris this week, but are you already thinking about fall?

RS: We finished pre-fall on Friday. Spring is all going to be laid out in Paris, but yet I’ve already designed the new collection after that!

Let’s discuss your buzzy “Minions” pump. Looking back, why do you think that was so successful?

RS: It was amazing to see Sandra [Bullock] on the carpet in her Roksanda dress with those shoes.  It was something that was very impulsive and that we designed quite quickly. I’m quite familiar with “The Minions,” having three small boys. I actually know about it. It was quite fun to do and see how it related. I was very skeptical about because I never associated it with fashion. I wasn’t expected to be interviewed by Suzy Menkes on Vogue TV.

Celebrity Statement Shoes
June 2015: Sandra Bullock’s custom Rupert Sanderson heels.


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