Diana Broussard Goes High-Tech With LCD Screen Handbag Launch At Paris Fashion Week

Shoe and jewelry designer Diana Broussard is taking on tech in a major way with a personalized LCD Screen handbag. 

“I am excited to introduce the first wave of TechLuxe in the form of a resin handbag with an LCD video screen. The idea is to radically bring technology to fashion, introducing creative beauty within a functional classically designed bag,” the designer said. “There is a rise in consumption of video creations. The design adds a new dimension to self expression by introducing motion to fashion with videos.”

Diana Broussard LCD Handbag
Diana Broussard showing off her LCD handbag.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

The bag plays either Broussard’s downloaded video or two videos of the consumer’s choice. The idea is that someone can personalize the bag to coordinate with their outfit, mood or event. 

Videos can be played with or without audio. (A USB cable within the bag connects the bag to a computer for the addition and removal of videos.)

Broussard’s personalized video that she crafted for the bag features graphics designed by Giovanni Locantore and music by American composer David Lang. 

The new bag retails for $1,950 and pre-orders are being taken from the designer’s website. 

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