Laurence Dacade On Reviving British Label Rayne

Laurence Dacade is one master multitasker. The designer behind her namesake label also is busy prepping for the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday. But what many people might not know is that she’s involved in another major project — the revival of Rayne Shoes, the iconic British brand that aims for a comeback. On Friday, Dacade took time out from her frenetic schedule to talk about what she enjoys most about working with the heritage brand and why she relishes the chance to work on different projects.

What excited you about working with the Rayne label?

“It’s really exciting to work and rebuild this historical label. We’re trying to work on the identity of the brand and explaining what Rayne is today, what is was in the past and what it will be in the future. The idea is it for the be feminine, chic and timeless. For example, [the English roses] that are signature of the line are elegant and feminine. But you also have the glamorous evening styles. For example, I love the idea of a kitten heel, but the idea is to do it in a feminine way. It’s a simple and easy shoe to wear.”

Laurence Dacade Rayne Spring 2016 Paris Fashion Week
Dacade showing off her designs for Rayne.
CREDIT: Courtesy.

Did you know about the history before you started working on the label?

“I didn’t really know it. But I had on my wall a shoe that was actually the shoe that the Queen wore to get married in. I was looking at it very often, and I never took it off the wall, but I never knew who did the shoes. But I always kept it on my wall. When I met Nick and Lulu [Rayne], I said oh my god, I know who you are. I even had some shoes from the brand, but I never read the label.”

I know there was recently an exhibition showcasing Rayne’s history in London. How did that help you with your vision for the brand?

“It’s very inspiring because you can see the shoes from the past. You can see what good quality they have always had.”

What is it like to work on so many diverse design projects, from your own line to Chanel to Rayne?

“Every one of them has a different direction and is different work. There’s a different way to tell each story and that’s what I like.”

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