A Look Back At Donna Karan Shoes Designed By Paul Andrew

Yesterday the industry reacted to the news that Donna Karan would be stepping down as chief designer of her LVMH-owned eponymous label in typical fashion: an outpouring of shout-outs on social media.

Longtime house footwear designer Paul Andrew, who began working with the brand in 2003, posted a message on Instagram thanking Karan, 66, for her mentorship.

“Before launching Paul Andrew, I designed her shoes for 10 years,” the designer shared on his official account. “She taught me so much and I owe her a great deal for my development as a designer. I designed this style for her SS08 runway and it’s one of my particular favorites. We designed so many great shoes together! Today marks the end of an era in fashion, and one I am so happy to have been part of. Love you Donna. XO Paul”



Karan will be focusing her efforts on both her philanthropic endeavors and her Urban Zen wellness-oriented line.

With that, we take a look back at the standout runway styles Andrew designed for Karan during his tenure. What’s striking is that many of these styles have a modernity that wouldn’t be out of fashion in this very moment. It’s a reminder of Karan’s own design edict since she founded her brand in 1984 and began offering footwear in 1992: to make women look beautiful, stand tall and feel powerful without following trends slavishly. Clearly, this is a skill she instilled in Andrew as well.

Click through to see their take on strappy heels, pavement pounding New Yorker boots and easy chic flats through the years.

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