Diane von Furstenberg: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About DVF

She’s a fashion icon and certainly in the spotlight. But that doesn’t mean Diane von Furstenberg doesn’t have some fun facts up her sleeve, too. Here, FN dishes on five things you didn’t know about DVF, but will want to.

1. She owns a record number of Manolo Blahniks.

“I think Donatella Versace and I had more Manolos than anyone else,” she told FN, adding that it would be impossible to count the remaining number of shoes in her closet. “I would not be saying that, but it’s a lot. I keep them all.”

2. She is a fan of Paul Andrew, and the feeling is mutual.

“Paul is a true talent and really understands shoes,” she told FN. “He pays a great deal of attention to fit and women’s needs in general. He’s a total pro and will be one of the shoe designers who has an impact.”

“Diane was instrumental with her support, even before the Fashion Fund. I consider her so dear. In a way, she is like a second mother to me,” Andrew said.


3. There are many shoes she wishes she could be.

“I would be three different shoes: a thick heel with a lot of determination, a very high-heel sandal for flirtation and hiking boot for walking.”

4. Two years after she launched her famous wrap dress, the designer went into cosmetics.

In 1974, von Furstenberg launched a cosmetics line. At the same time, she launched her first fragrance, named Tatiana, after her daughter.

5. DVF is referred to in a Dolly Parton song.

Dolly Parton’s single, “Working Girl,” released in the late 1980s, made reference to the fashion designer.

“Some find her too aggressive, she don’t know how to stop

Cause she’s the kind that don’t look down until it’s from the top

She’s elegant and stylish, French perfume and a fur

Designer clothes by Halston and Diane Von Furstenburg

And she’s a working girl”


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