Del Toro Founder Matthew Chevallard On Italy, Drake & Sports

The founder and designer of the Del Toro label is by nature a man of the world. Born in Torino, Italy, Matthew Chevallard now resides in Miami, where he has been building his men’s and women’s footwear line for the past 10 years with an international design sensibility.

Take, for instance, the spring ’16 collection. “Consistent with our Traveling Man theme, we did a Voyage to Africa series this season,” said Chevallard. “We’ll be highlighting pony animal prints, as well as Mali indigo dyes and Kenyan beadwork.”

When he’s not hard at work on the line, the 29-year-old leads a jet-setter lifestyle. He told Footwear News that this summer he has been traveling throughout the U.S., Europe and Mexico, with stops in New York, L.A., Florence, Milan, Paris and the Amalfi Coast. Back home, there’s plenty under way as well.

Del Toro recently opened a new flagship in Miami’s Wynwood Art District. “It’s triple the size of the original flagship,” said Chevallard. “We kept it Italian in feeling, with a variety of marble islands and flooring, while allowing the shoes to [convey our brand message].”

Italy’s hidden gem:

“The island of Sardegna.”

Sardegna, Italy
Sardegna, Italy.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

My favorite sports to play:

“Basketball, soccer and tennis.”

Songs I play on repeat:

“Drake’s ‘Back to Back’ or ‘China Cat Sunflower’ by the Grateful Dead.”

CREDIT: Getty Images.

Hidden talent:

“My girlfriend says I’m a good detective.”

Where to eat in Miami:

“Casa Tua in South Beach.”

Casa Tua
Casa Tua in South Beach.
CREDIT: Courtesy of restaurant.

Best movie scene:

“In ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley,’ The Parla Americano karaoke bar. It encapsulates such an elegant time of class and refinement.”

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