Christian Siriano: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Designer

Christian Siriano can definitely “make it work.” The designer showcased his spring ’16 collection over the weekend to a front row that included stars Laura Prepon and Christina Hendricks.

In his personal shoe collection, Siriano prides himself on loving both high-end and lower-priced brands.

Here, Siriano shares a few shoe moments from his closet and some fun facts.

1. He likes to mix high- and low-end shoes.
“I probably own 40 or 50 pairs. I have a great mix of expensive shoes and Zara shoes.”

2. There are moments for both heels and flats.
“I always love a heel, but we are showing some really great flats. I think it depends on the look.”


3. Siriano’s first internship was with Vivienne Westwood.
He has also worked for Alexander McQueen.

4. If he could be a shoe, it would be a stiletto.
“I guess I would be some type of chic stiletto. I want to be a classic pump with some type of ruffle or bow on the back.”

5. The designer often finds inspiration through his favorite hobby, antique shopping.
“I get inspired by anything, [even] something random,” he said. “Square mirrors are gorgeous and it’s a great print, so I would [create something similar] in a satin organza.”


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