New Documentary Follows Christian Louboutin For A Year

Fans of Christian Louboutin will now be able to see what it’s like to walk in the legendary designer’s own shoes. Cameras followed Louboutin for a year to capture him as he travels the world in the name of his renowned red soles.

Director Michael Waldman and his team followed Louboutin as he attempts to expand his empire into the Asian and Middle Eastern markets 20 years after he founded his eponymous brand.

Louboutin can be seen at his factory in Milan, traveling to Mumbai, India, and at Paris Fashion week — always accompanied by his butler Safquat.

Director Michael Waldman says “following Christian Louboutin around the world — from Paris to the Himalayas and his friend the Queen of Bhutan, from the super-rich clients of Mumbai to his sanctuary in Portugal — was a real eye-opener, revealing a charming but demanding perfectionist at the center of a fascinating empire.”

Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin in a scene from the documentary.
CREDIT: Channel4.com.
Christian Louboutin
Another scene from the film.
CREDIT: Channel4.com.

Louboutin’s attempts at expansion and change have been clear in recent weeks. The designer collaborated with Indian designer Sabyasachi for his 2015 couture collection shown in New Delhi at the end of July. Last week he announced the release of his lipstick collection set to debut Sept. 1. Just yesterday, we learned he has also created a photo-filter app called “Louboutinize.”

The film even captures Louboutin as he mulls over an idea to create a new line of shoes handcrafted in the Himalayas out of chunks of wood.

Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor for Arts John Hay says that although he has never owned a pair of Louboutins, “watching this film, I was completely won over by his cheek, wit and sense of mischief. It’s a pleasure to get a glimpse behind the curtain at the world he and his clients inhabit.”

“Christian Louboutin: The World’s Most Luxurious Shoes” will air on the U.K.’s Channel 4 at 9pm.

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