Chloe Gosselin on Red Carpet-Ready Shoes And Her Oscar Picks

Chloe Gosselin is ready for the Academy Awards on Sunday. The designer debuted a new capsule collection of chic Oscar-gold inspired footwear for Fashion Week that is ready for the red carpet glamour and the “wow” shoe moments we’re all expecting.

Where did the idea for the capsule collection come from?

I was in L.A. last year and had several stylists who loved the shoes tell me they were looking for gold and silver for the red carpet. So I thought of a capsule collection that was red carpet-ready with some of my styles — the two pumps and two sandals. I wanted something modern-looking, too, so I chose a metallic patent leather. I’ve had some requests, but never until the day of. Hopefully you can see the shoes! With the gowns you don’t always get to! I’m certainly crossing my fingers.

How does it fit into your larger fall/winter collection?

Chloe Gosselin
Chloe Gosselin

My whole fall line was infused with the movies and Hollywood and costume. Old glamour is really in the whole collection. I looked at the “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” because visually, everything about that movie is beautiful, and the costumes and lighting really inspired me. “A Single Man,” with the Tom Ford costumes and the colors and interior design, inspired me. “The Grand Budapest Hotel” — I love Wes Anderson — is one of my favorites this year. There are a lot of pastels in a very masculine movie. I like the balance.

Any films you’re rooting for on Sunday?

Definitely “Birdman.” I haven’t seen all of them yet, but that movie just blew my mind. The cinematography and the music, it was a very stressful movie to watch but it really turned my world upside down. I want to see more movies like that. It was an amazing comeback for Michael Keaton. And absolutely “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” It was a great year for the movies, and hopefully it’ll be a great year for shoes, too.

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