Chiara Ferragni On Her Spring 2016 Shoe Collection

Instead of her natural habitat these days — the front row — Chiara Ferragni staged a backstage setting for her spring ’16 footwear presentation. There, at mock charging stations, was her collection on display, with corresponding “models looks.” They all basically consisted of black bodysuits, so as to not to distract from the shoes. And because Ferragni hasn’t conquered apparel … just yet.

 It was a clever way to showcase the blogger and designer’s most expanded line yet, which was rife with neoprene boots, loud and proud sneakers, glittery lace up ballerinas, plus wedge sandals and espadrilles proclaiming “VROOM” along the toe box. Not for wallflowers (or those without an inclination to share their photogenic shoes on Instagram), the line is impressively heading into new categories and continues to rack up a ton of business, as Footwear News reported in our cover profile with Ferragni.

Chiara Ferragni Collection Shoes Spring 2016 Milan Fashion Week
Models show off the Chiara Ferragni spring ’16 collection at Milan Fashion Week.
CREDIT: Getty Images.
Chiara Ferragni Collection Spring 2016 Milan Fashion Week
Chiara Ferragni Collection spring ’16.
CREDIT: Courtesy of brand.

Between Ferragni obliging the steady steam of guest requests for a co-selfie, we caught up with the web star (who stood tall in a pair of satin platforms) to hear more about the collection:

Tell us about your theme.

The theme was superheroes, so we created a whole bunch of our own female characters and adapted them to the shoes. 

And your models?

We created new superheroes who were all girls, so I chose shoes that suited each of them. 

What’s different about  the collection this season?

Definitely, the size. We created new shapes and many new styles this season.

Do you have a favorite superhero?

Growing up, I always liked Catwoman and Superman, they inspired me.

What superpower do you wish for?

To fly. And to be in two places at once would also be great.

Click through the gallery to see more styles from Chiara Ferragni’s spring ’16 collection.

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