Throwback Celebrity Shoe Styles On The Red Carpet

There’s something to be said for fashion choices in our youth: Some are good, some are bad and most are hilarious and make us all nostalgic for clogs, jellies, Arizona Birkenstocks and old-school Air Jordans.

Not to say that our jellies with frilly socks weren’t the epitome of style in 1997, but looking back, we also sort of have to shake our heads and say “What were you thinking?!” and wonder if celebrities say the same thing when they see old pictures of themselves on the red carpet in, say, 2001?

For instance, Kim Kardashian, would you really pick knee-high white pleather boots and pair them with a rugby-inspired top again? And match a white handbag with the white boots?

Or how about Justin Timberlake, who literally grew up in front of many of our eyes and graduated from kiddo sneakers to spiffy dress shoes — would he make the same choices?

How about the Olsen twins and Miley Cyrus? Back in the early 2000s, glitter eyeshadow and round-toe high heels definitely had a place.

So as much as we can honestly say we got a kick out of this throwback celebrity style gallery, it felt like going through our middle-school yearbook. We’re happy we weren’t on the red carpet when we were teenagers.

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