In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s Yeezy Adidas Boost 350 Moonrock Sneakers

This week, FN’s sneaker columnist, Stacey Griffith — a senior master instructor at SoulCycle and avid sneaker head — opts for the Yeezy Adidas Boost 350 Moonrock sneakers.

Below, see her thoughts on the much-coveted style:

“Holy Kanye. Just in time for the ‘Star Wars’ craze to have a rebirth, he strikes again. Everything about this shoe reminds me of my childhood hero, Luke Skywalker. Let’s talk about the shoe and its details.

If you follow my column, you know that I love to walk on marshmallows, clouds or pillows — and in true Yeezy fashion, this shoe stays on pillow point. Also, since I never untie my shoes, the finger grabbing point detail makes me super-stoked.

The texture and breathability are also super-dreamy. The look, the feel — I love it all. Way to go, Kanye, you have two careers fo’ sho.”

Follow Stacey Griffith on Instagram at @STACEYGNYC.

For all of Stacey’s columns in one place, click here. 


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