In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s Go-To Kicks This Week

This week, FN’s sneaker columnist Stacey Griffith—senior master instructor at SoulCycle—goes for the Adidas “I Want I Can ZX” sneakers. See her thoughts on the style below:

“Apparently this shoe is from a previous campaign by Adidas in the 1980s, called the ‘ZX Torsion System.’ This shoe has a really mush toe box, so it will keep your toes cozy if you have wide feet. I actually move around a lot in the shoe, so I wear them more as a statement piece rather than function.

You all know I love inspirational words on my kicks, so when I saw the ‘I Want I Can’ on the straps, this kick became a must-have. I also love seeing them on my sneaker wall [in my office]. I got them on the Colette.fr site because I couldn’t find them anywhere in the United States.

Just a quick spring tip for sneaker fans: when you wear a bold sneaker, make sure you wear a solid pant with no print. You want the shoe to become the spotlight, so use your pants as the backdrop for your foot art!”

Follow Stacey on Instagram at @staceygnyc.

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