In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s Hermès Slides

This week, FN’s In Her Shoes columnist Stacey Griffith — senior master instructor at SoulCycle — mixes it up, opting for men’s classic Hermès leather slides. See her thoughts on the style below:

“As we pack our bags for St. Tropez, I think it’s the perfect time to feature the H sandal for this week’s In Her Shoes column.

The simple yet classic features on this leather slide are what make it a bold statement. You can never go wrong with an ‘H’ across your foot, but the size and stretch of the letter are what make the design so unique and chic.

It’s such a crafty way to carve the top of a sandal so that your brand is recognized and the wearer is making a statement at all times. You’re recognizing the fact they are a pricey sandal, but you feel confident and happy standing in them.

Remember this when wearing expensive shoes … they are a major expression of who you are, so make sure the details that captured your eye in the first place were the very reason you were happy to spend your money on them .”

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