In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s Go-To Nikes This Week

This week, FN’s sneaker columnist Stacey Griffith — senior master instructor at SoulCycle — goes for special Nike shoes. See her thoughts on the style below:

“In celebration of Nike’s 25-year anniversary, this week’s running shoe is from Nike’s Air Max 2015 Anniversary Pack. I know, I know — it’s shocking that I’m wearing a women’s shoe! This time, Nike nailed the same look as the men’s version (sometimes there’s a slight variation in the toe box, and the women’s styles run a little narrower).

In the case of this bright crimson color, you’ll want to size down a half-size because it is a lot of color to carry. One of the interesting details on this functional fashion runner is the side Flywire lacing, which weaves its way magically around the shoe laces. The engineered mesh outsole is super-breathable, too, and very light.

If it weren’t for the touch of black and the Nike logo on the heel, this shoe would disappear into a neon abyss. It’s clearly screaming out, ‘HELLO, I’VE BEEN HERE FOR 25 YEARS. Wear me, and have a smile on your face when you do!’

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This shoe is for the bold, crazy risk-taker who doesn’t mind getting gawked at on the train. Wear this shoe with a pair of crisp white jeans in the summer, and pair it with the same crimson stripe on a T-shirt. Good job, Swooshvile!”

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