Serena Williams vs. Venus Williams: The Shoe-Down

The Williams sisters went head-to-head at Wimbledon today, and this time, in a decisive match that lasted just 1 hour and 8 seconds, the younger sibling won out. No. 1-ranked Serena Williams defeated Venus Williams 6-4, 6-3 to continue her march to the finals.

On the grass today, both sisters were decked out on gear by their mutual sponsor, Nike. Serena rocked her special NikeCourt Flare boots, while Venus competed in the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 sneakers — a favorite of other top female athletes at the tournament as well.

When they’re off the court, the Williams’ footwear styles have little in common. While both are known for their fondness for fashion, they approach it in different ways.

At 6-foot-1-inch, Venus prefers flat styles, such as embellished ballerinas and sandals from luxe fashion labels, including Mui Mui and Alexander McQueen. When itshe does decide to break out the heels, she often opts for the red carpet favorite, Christian Louboutin.

Serena takes a more adventurous approach. At 5-foot-9-inches, she’s willing to step out in 4-inch platform heels and booties from labels like Alaia. She also mixes in sporty styles such as Nike high-tops for that chic-casual look.

Click through the slideshow above to take a look.

Who wins this footwear face-off?

Serena scores highly for her risk-taking, but Venus’ eye for cool styles that fit her lifestyle wins points as well. Ultimately, though, we have to give it to Serena for her broad fashion range. A great shoe closet should have a little bit of everything, after all.

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