Could These Be Natalie Portman’s Favorite Shoes?

It’s refreshing to see a celebrity wear a fashion item more than once. In this day and age, more often than not, many stars wouldn’t be caught dead in the same thing twice. Perhaps it’s the pressure put on them by the industry, perhaps it’s pressure they put on themselves.

Whilst we certainly love to see celebs mix it up (after all, our job would be rather mundane if they didn’t) there is also something comforting about seeing the odd item on rotation. Is it because it makes them seem more in tune with us mere mortals? Maybe.

Regardless of the reasoning behind it, we feel it’s our duty at FN to bring it to your attention when we notice the same pair of shoes on a celebrity’s regular rotation. Today, enter Natalie Portman.

From her recent appearance at a UCLA event in Los Angeles, to multiple Cannes Film Festival moments, we’ve certainly noticed a certain pair of Dior strappy sandals appearing quite regularly.

Perhaps her loyalty to the brand stems from the fact she has long been the face of Miss Dior. However, earlier today she stepped out in Cannes pairing the same Dior shoes with a Rodarte, not a Dior, dress. Further evidence that the actress really does have a thing for these sandals. Who could blame her? Classic, double strap black, with subtle embellished detailing. What’s not to like?

Cannes Film Festival 2015
Portman on Day 5 of the Cannes Film Festival wearing Rodarte with Dior strappy sandals.
CREDIT: Getty Images.
Cannes Film Festival red carpet
Detail shot of Portman’s Dior sandals at Cannes.
CREDIT: Getty Images.
Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet Shoes
Natalie Portman in a Dior gown and her current go-to Dior strappy heels.
CREDIT: Getty Images.
Natalie Portman, Dior
May 2015: Natalie Portman wore a Dior dress and heels in Los Angeles.
CREDIT: Getty Images
Natalie Portman
May 2015: Close-up on Portman’s Dior heels.

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