‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Likely to Inspire Retro Biker-Boot Trend

“Mad Max” is having a fashion moment.

With “Mad Max: Fury Road” set to open wide on May 15, inspired by the original 1979 film starring Mel Gibson, biker looks are likely to gain a new audience.

There are lots of authentic motorcycle and Western boots on the market today that are reminiscent of those worn by Gibson’s character, Max Rockatansky. Brands including Red Wing, Frye, Lucchese and Durango all offer the real deal rather than fashion interpretations.

These iconic looks easily make the move from the big screen to city streets, a natural with today’s ubiquitous motorcycle jackets, T-shirts and worn jeans. They’re also investment pieces, with these footnotes surviving over decades.

Just don’t mistake Mad Max for Marlon Brando’s character, Johnny Strabler, in “The Wild One,” who also donned a black leather jacket and biker boots. While the fashion elements are similar, Mad Max looks to the future, while Brando is ’50s all the way.

With androgynous dressing in the spotlight today, the biker look will resonate with both sexes. In fact, footwear brands often offer his-and-her versions of the same style.

For those who prefer a throwback look, a visit to a vintage store would be a smart move.

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