Kardashian Family Shows Off Their All-Black Yeezys

The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 all-black sneakers were officially released on Saturday, and the Kardashian-Jenner family wasted no time taking to social media to show off their pairs.

Kendall Jenner even wore hers out for lunch in Beverly Hills with casual ripped jeans and a striped crop top. She posted a photo on Instagram wearing the shoes captioned simply, “Trendy.”

Kendall Jenner
A closer look at Jenner’s Yeezys.
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Kendall and Kylie seem to have a habit of posting Instagrams of their shoes while in cars, and Kylie kept up the trend with a photo of her Yeezys, also with a simple caption, “Black.”

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Kim Kardashian, being the loyal wife of Kanye West and Yeezy fan that she is, posted a photo of a pile of Yeezys. This photo may have shocked those looking to get their hands on a pair as some stores had only one or two pairs to raffle off. Kardashian told fans that the site YeezySupply.com was unlocked and offering limited stock as well as a few free pairs being given away.

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So while the rest of the Yeezy’s fans had to wait in long lines or cross their fingers in hopes of winning a raffle, the Kardashians have easy access to the highly desired sneakers.

This weekend, YCMC.com received a record number of visitors, causing the site to crash. Now, the store has decided to raffle off its pairs.

Read how you can still get the all-black Yeezy 350s here.

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