Audrey Hepburn’s Birthday Pays Homage to Her Footwear Style

As style icons go, Audrey Hepburn is a power player. Today, which marks the late movie legend’s birthday, is a time to celebrate Hepburn’s influence on fashion both on-and-off screen.

While Hepburn may be best remembered for the little black dress she wore in, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,”  it was the slim, cropped pants she wore in films such as “Funny Face” that most defined her look  — the perfect complement to a pair of ballet flats, another Hepburn favorite.

Perhaps her love affair for the ballet silhouette stems from her training as dancer. In fact, living in Europe during World War II, she gave blackout dance performances, which served as a fundraiser for Resistance activities.

This spring, cropped pants — from just ankle skimming versions to capris and pedal pushers, are a seasonal must-have in the high-end to mainstream markets. Back in 2006, as a means of promoting the company’s cropped pants, The Gap tapped film sequences  of the late actress for a TV commercial. She’s seen in a classic dance number from Funny Face effortlessly dancing in a pair of cropped pants. And, this season, designer Isaac Mizrahi has a pair of form fitting pants in his collection for QVC that he’s coined the Hepburn, inspired by its ankle-revealing proportions.

Hepburn, however, did not limit her ballet flats to casual pants. Check out the film Roman Holiday with Cary  Cooper where she’s seen roaming around Rome in a flowing skirt, footnoted by a pair of ballet flats that actually lace up the leg.

Today, the big screen look has become street style.  It’s easy to capture that Hepburn look starting feet first. From luxe footwear brands such as Chanel and Ferragmo, to more affordably priced ballet flats from Repetto, Pretty Ballerinas, French Sole and H&M, it’s all about suiting one’s personal style.

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