In Her Shoes: Stacey Griffith’s New Balance Sneakers This Week

This week, Footwear News sneaker columnist Stacey Griffith — senior master instructor at SoulCycle — opts for New Balance kicks with a dash of neon. See her thoughts on the style below:

“A big thank you to New Balance for sending me these sneakers. I wore them while DJing their women’s fall ’15 event earlier this month at LightBox Studio and immediately fell in love with them on so many levels.

For starters, I love the pop of neon yellow on the oversized “N,” which is perfectly angled on top of an etched piece of breathable suede. Think Etch-a-Sketch meets a sneaker that radiates comfort, style and function.

This shoe will take you from a morning workout right into your jeans, giving you a playful vibe on your feet that exudes coolness. There have been several times when I’ve glanced down and thought, ‘Wow, New Balance really knows how to rock a toe box.’ It is a legit cozy feeling to see your feet with this shoe on.

Take ownership — and go online to NEWBALANCE.COM to view the catalog!”

Follow Stacey Griffith on Instagram at @staceygnyc.

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