Icebug Outdoor Shoes Launch Specialized Insoles

Swedish brand Icebug, known for its footwear designed for running and walking on slippery surfaces, is expanding its offering with a companion collection of insoles. The company has collaborated with Ortolab, a leading orthotic lab in Sweden for insoles featuring its Arch Flex System technology.

The insoles allow users to quickly and easily custom match the right insole for their foot type. The technology is engineered to help support the foot’s structure and provide an energy return with each step. According to the company, the insoles react like a stability ball, constantly responding to the user’s body type and activity, an effect referred to as Dynamic Propulsion.

Icebug Slim Low insole
Icebug Slim Low insole featuring Arch Flex System technology
CREDIT: Brand Courtesy

Two insoles styles are available: Slim and Fat. Each comes in three arch heights: high, medium and low. Slim is designed for lower volume shoes. A Double-Arc heel design cups the foot and reduces pressure on the plantar fascia. The low friction top cover is long wearing and easy to clean. It’s lightweight, cushioned and works for running, cleated shoes, cycling and other other low volume shoes.

Fat features maximum cushioning and shock absorption. An extra layer of open-cell Poliyou foam delivers added cushioning. And like the Slim, it incorporates the Double-Arc heel design. The insole is targeted at hiking, running, walking, workbooks or other high volume shoes.

Both insoles retail for $46.95 and will be available at retail for $46.95.

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