Retailers Weigh In On Winter Storm Juno; Our Snow-Boot Gallery

Winter boot sales seem to be on the rise due to Winter Storm Juno hitting the Northeast. This major snowstorm has prompted the National Weather Service to issue blizzard warnings well in advance from New Jersey to Maine, including New York City, Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland. Many areas are expecting two feet of snow or more.

“This is what we have been waiting for to pull us out of the doldrums. It shows how important weather is to retail sales,” said Danny Wasserman, co-owner of Tip Top Shoes in New York City.

So far this winter, snowfall has been minimal, causing winter boot sales to be down for some retailers. “Usually, [cold-weather shoe] sales have been good. However, this past year, people have been concentrating more on what they need at the moment, ” Ritch Erani, owner of Chuckies in New York, said at the beginning of January.

For Connecticut retailer Hawley Lane, Juno has brought in an unusual amount of business — the store’s sales are up significantly. “We sold over 300 pairs of snow boots in the past two days. It’s unbelievable. Usually, when there’s two inches of snow on the ground, people don’t come out, so this was unusual,” said owner David Levy. “I’m very thankful because we’re going to be closed tomorrow and possibly Wednesday.”

Laura Miller, assistant manager at Maine retailer Lamey Wellehan, said the store has been busier than expected. “By this time, a lot of people have their boot situation taken care of,” she said. “[But] it seems like everybody’s out and about trying to get their errands taken care of before the snowpocalypse.”

Snow can also be a burden when it comes to sales, however. Jeff Levine, owner of the Clog Shop on Long Island, had one sale today ahead of Storm Juno. “Luckily, the Internet is nice and toasty and comfortable,” he said.

In need of boots? Check out the gallery above for snow boots just in time for Winter Storm Juno.

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