Saks Fifth Avenue’s Tracy Margolies Answers FN’s 3 Questions

A week into her new role as Saks Fifth Avenue’s chief merchant, Tracy Margolies is off and running — in heels.

After a short vacation in Florida, Margolies began her new job on May 11. She was most recently SVP and GMM of footwear, handbags, beauty and Contemporary 5F at Bergdorf Goodman. Margolies held that position for about two and a half years, after having served as Saks’ VP and DMM of women’s footwear for seven years. “It’s like she never left,” said Saks VP Kathleen Ruiz.

As Margolies settles into her new position, she already has a trip to Europe on her calendar, during which she will meet with partners and attend the men’s shows.

Here, Margolies answers FN’s three questions. “You know I’m a shoe person,” she said after quickly rattling off her answers.

1. How many pairs do you personally own?

“Too many to count. I don’t know how many I have. I can tell you I organize them by brand.”

2. Heels or flats?

“Only heels — high heels. I don’t wear flats unless I’m walking to work. Flats will never be part of my outfit. I do wear sneakers, and flip-flops to the beach.”

3. If you were a shoe, what shoe would you be?

“A stiletto. It’s a high heel, it’s sexy and feminine.”

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