Nordstrom Launches Text Shopping Service Today

Nordstrom announced today a new text-to-buy service for its Next platform.

Like the store’s Next service, shoppers can use TextStyle to connect with salespeople and place orders by text. For some shoppers, longstanding relationships with associates and stylists at Nordstrom are a key part of the shopping experience. Shoppers got a new platform with the Next platform, launched last year, which allows associates and shoppers to communicate.  The TextStyle platform is an additional channel to communicate with associates. The service will now allow sales associates to send images and descriptions of items to their customers and allow shoppers to respond “buy” with a code for purchase.

“TextStyle is an important step forward in our continued efforts to develop ways to serve customers on their terms,” said Jamie Nordstrom, president of stores in a release. “For customers who prefer text messaging, TextStyle is a way for our salespeople to provide a personalized styling experience and for customers to view and buy seamlessly with the convenience and simplicity of a text message, wherever and whenever they like.”


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