Likelihood, Men’s Footwear Boutique, Opens In Seattle

Seattle is putting its best foot forward with the opening of Likelihood, a men’s shoe boutique at 1101 E. Union St., in the city’s Capitol Hill district, home to a range of trendy restaurants and clubs.

The 1,100-sq.-ft. store is co-owned by Daniel Carlson and Aaron DelGuzzo. Carlson has a marketing and advertising background, and DelGuzzo did a stint at Nike. According to Carlson, the two share a passion for footwear, and after nearly four years of planning, decided to launch their business.

The boutique’s curated collection features athletic and dress styles retailing from $75 to $400. Brands include New Balance, Adidas, Puma and Converse, in addition to Swedish athletic brand Eytys. Dress brands include Grenson, with plans to add Buttero.

Carlson said the store caters to those who believe footwear makes a difference in how they look. Even the name has an optimistic connotation, said Carlson, hinting of a promise of something good about to happen.

The store’s design is as innovative as the footwear it offers — the format is clean and minimalist, with stadium-inspired steps that serve as display space. Carlson explained that the partners wanted to create an easy shopping experience, tapping architectural firm Best Practice and contractor Method.

The signature piece of the store’s design, noted Carlson, is a custom neon sign created by artist Kelly Mark that reads, “I Called Shotgun Infinity When I Was Twelve.”


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