Fred Segal To Debut E-Commerce Wednesday

The evolution of Fred Segal continues. Tomorrow, the store launches its first e-commerce site.

The Los Angeles department store will debut http://www.FredSegal.com tomorrow, along with a social media presence on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

The new website will feature a regularly rotating theme, which will also highlight content created by tastemakers and other contributors. The curated product sits alongside the regular Fred Segal selection.

For the launch, denim takes center stage. With Segal’s history of popularizing denim in the 1960s, writers and influencers like Emily Spivak, Melissa Magsaysay, Molly Fishkin, Yale Breslin and Jamie Sullivan and Sasha Spielberg are all contributing unique content around the topic.

“The Fred Segal history is one of curating and presented emerging ideas, products, and brands. Our e-commerce will build on that tradition. We will slowly add categories as our customer reacts to what we have presented. We will always be highly focused and with a strong point of view,” Fred Segal CEO Paul Blum told FN. Blum joined the company last year after a long stint at Kenneth Cole.

The company will continue to build on the online platforms over the coming years, with more features and a growing product offering. Executives declined to comment on the expectations for e-commerce sales for the rest of the year.

In 2012, Sandow purchased the rights to the Fred Segal name and has since expanded the iconic department store to Tokyo and the SLS Hotel in Las Vegas. The original department stores, in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, are still owned by the Segal family.

As a part of the reimagined Fred Segal, omnichannel and online initiatives have been a key focus of CEO Blum and Chairman Adam Sandow.

“Fred Segal was a pioneer of fashion,” Sandow, also chairman and CEO of Sandow Media, told FN in an interview last year. “He developed new concepts for retail and was an incubator of new ideas in dining, exercise and things that would filter from California to the rest of the world. We want to take the motivations of Fred and create an environment that is more than shopping. Nothing we can do with Fred Segal can be ordinary.”

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