Dick’s Sporting Goods Agrees To Settle Overtime Pay Lawsuit

Dick’s Sporting Goods has agreed to settle a class action by assistant store managers seeking overtime-pay restitution.

According to papers filed in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts on Wednesday, Dick’s has agreed to pay up to $10 million into a settlement fund rather than litigating in court.

This summer, managers with the titles Hardline Managers, Sales Support Managers and Softline Managers sued the athletic retailer, arguing that Dick’s had incorrectly classified their job titles, thereby exempting them from receiving overtime pay.

Dick’s Sporting Goods has maintained throughout the litigation that it has done nothing wrong. While the courts still have to review the settlement agreement, approval is expected.

It’s one of the latest high-profile cases brought against retailers for scheduling and payment practices in 2015. Earlier this year, retailers from Urban Outfitters to L Brands came under scrutiny in New York for on-call scheduling, forcing many of them to adjust their policies. Additionally, many minimum-wage workers have begun to pressure employers and lawmakers alike to raise state and federal minimums to provide a living wage. Retailers from TJ Maxx to Gap have committed to higher wages under the growing pressure.

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