Toms Shoes Partners With Tinder App For World Sight Day

Toms has an unexpected partnership up its sleeve. The charitable footwear and eyewear brand is working with Tinder, to promote awareness for World Site Day Thursday.

The project began on Monday – every time a new user logs in on the dating site a playful video profile states: “If you can’t see, you can’t swipe.”

The idea, according to the brand, is to generate buzz for World Site day, which is dedicated to “raising awareness for blindness and visual impairment.” According to the release, 285 million people are blind or visuall impaired, while 80 percent of cases could be treated.

The brand launched eyewear as a one for one category in 2011. For every pair purchased, money is donated to help restore sight for a person in need.

In fact, according to a recent Instagram post: “purchases have helped restore sight to over 325,000 people worldwide.”

Toms shoe Instagram

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