Social Marketplace Gemr Offers Sneaker Lovers A Place To Share, Sell, and Trade

Sneakerheads, rejoice. There’s a new place online to come together with other like-minded footwear lovers. Gemr, founded in 2013, is a social marketplace where users can share and sell a range of unique and collectible items online.

Gemr offers “clubs” where users can display their collections and discuss them with others who share an interest in that area. Clubs range in subject—there’s WWE memorabilia, Legos, Transformers, Power Rangers, and even fine art and antique dolls.

In the sneakers club, users can showcase and discuss their sneaker collections. The site allows users to buy, sell, or trade items as well as use its “CrowdScore” tool to allow other users to give their sneakers a valuation. In addition to the website, the Gemr app can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

True sneaker addicts might wonder how the site can confirm a pair’s authenticity. Gemr says that every user’s individual expertise allows them to come together to determine the authenticity of items on the platform. If users see sneakers they think are fake, they can comment or vote down the post.

Nike Air Huarache
A pair of Nike Air Huarache sneakers on Gemr.

Gemr sneaker expert Nate Keen builds and monitors the community. Keen is a former manager at Foot Locker whose interest in sneakers goes back to his youth.

Keen curates the sneaker community by bringing on new collectors, spreading interest, and keeping up with trends and major influencers. The Gemr sneaker community is one of the top five in size on the site and continues to grow.

Current items range from tons of Nike’s to Saint Laurent’s Pinaskullada low-top sneakers. Keen tells FN the most unique pair he’s seen on the site is the Nike Foamposite Galaxy. The Galaxy colorway debuted for the 2012 NBA All Star Game and immediately sold out, triggering hefty prices on secondary markets.

Nike Foamposite Galaxy
A rare pair of Nike Foamposite Galaxy basketball sneakers on Gemr.
CREDIT: Gemr.com.

“After this release, it seemed like sneaker collections became totally mainstream,” says Keen. “People we hadn’t seen before were ready to line up for the next retro release no matter what it was or how it looked.”

The Foamposites were NBA player Penny Hardaway’s signature sneaker, and when Nike added the outer space theme, it caused mayhem. Keen says that the particular pair on Gemr is signed by Hardaway himself and comes with a letter of authenticity. The shoes are for sale for $1,600.

Penny Hardaway Nike Foamposite
Orlando Magic player Penny Hardaway in Nike Foamposite sneakers.
CREDIT: Getty Images.

Keen tells FN he thinks the high interest in sneakers comes from their universality. “Unlike most other collections, there’s a utility factor to it—you can use them every day,” he says. “But sneakers are also a fun way to express yourself and personally, deciding which pair to lace up in the morning is one of the best parts of [my] day.”

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