Sanuk Launches Global Brand Campaign

Sanuk, a division of Deckers Brands, announced today the launch of it’s new multi-platform global ad campaign. Titled ‘Always…Sanuk,’ the campaign aims to further spread the company’s motto to the consumer, ‘Never Uncomfortable’.

An expansion on the brand’s 2014 offering, this campaign is a “celebration of the human spirit,” said the company.

Ethan Anderson, VP of global marketing for the brand explains, “Our new campaign delivers upon our strategy of expanding the brand philosophy to new consumers, while strengthening our bond with our core audiences. The campaign embodies our aspirational message through warm, visually-driven creative executions that capture the energy of our brand. We’re really excited about the progressive direction it is headed.”

The campaign features a growing pool of talent and ambassadors lending their faces to the brand. These include artist Susan Wickstrand, pro surfer Torrey Meister and surfer/musician Donavon Frankenreiter.

Founded in 1997, and originating as a surf brand in Southern California, Sanuk has grown into a global lifestyle brand with a footwear offering spanning women’s, men’s and children. In addition to the 5 freestanding stores within the U.S, which the brand owns and operates, Sanuk footwear is also currently stocked in over 40 countries worldwide.

You can watch the new campaign below.

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