Super Bowl Commercials: Shoe Ads From the Past, Part 2

Yesterday we took a look at five must-see Super Bowl shoe spots. Here are some more memorable ads from the past.

Skechers: Kim Kardashian  (2011): Never one to stay behind the scenes, Kardashian is back at the Super Bowl this year with a new T-Mobile ad. In it, the reality star pokes fun at herself and her selfie-obsessed life. Four years ago, she made an equally big splash for Skechers ShapeUps in a steamy spot. The style was later discontinued after it came under scrutiny for its claims that it toned the body.

Just for Feet: Kenyan Runner (1999): The now-defunct Just for Feet generated plenty of controversy for its ad featuring a Kenyan runner being followed by men in a Humvee. After the runner takes a sip of water with a sedative in it, he collapses, and then the men forcefully put Nike sneakers on his feet. The man wakes up and attempts to run off and shed the shoes in the process. Many marketing insiders immediately labeled the spot as racist. Interestingly, the company filed for bankruptcy later that year, and execs later pled guilty to accounting fraud.

Under Armour: Athlete Training (2008): The athletic brand launched its first cross-training sneaker with a bang. The 60-second spot, estimated to have cost $5 million, debuted the company’s “New Prototype” campaign. The ad, which got mixed reviews, featured a score of celebrity athletes and loud music, all to support the tagline “The Future is Ours.”

Skechers Relaxed-Fit, With Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott (2013): Montana, the legendary quarterback and a longtime Skechers endorser,  previously starred in Skechers’ 2010 Super Bowl ad. He was back in 2013, this time with former teammate Ronnie Lott. In the spot, Montana has his football stolen from him and Lott saves the day, tackling the thief and returning the ball to Montana.

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