Nike Taunts Athletes To Get Better In New Film

Master marketer Nike today unveiled a film that urges Argentine athletes to use personal failure as fuel for success.

The Beaverton, Ore.-based company’s film, titled “Better Under Pressure,” uses competitive taunting and setbacks to help athletes improve their game-day performance.

While the film stars several Argentine athletes like Javier Mascherano and Carla Rebecchi, the general message is sure to have cross-border appeal. It shows how athletes can channel taunts into a drive to work harder.

According to the athletic company, “the film aligns this [taunting] notion with the popular Argentine phrase ‘a mover el culo,’ which once motivated people to take the dance floor and now underscores Nike’s challenge to Argentines to move in sport and life.”

“Obstacles and setbacks pave the road to victory,” Mascherano, an Argentine soccer player said in a company statement. “Challenges show that it’s time to push harder, to give everything you’ve got.”

Nike has been making a concerted effort to reach more fans in South America.

Last month, the company partnered with the city of Rio de Janeiro to foster the next generation of athletes.

Nike said it would open as many as 21 sports recreation centers throughout Rio to inspire “a lifelong love of movement in local kids” that could eventually “help transform their communities.”

Nike also provided gear and training to the recreation centers.


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