Top 5 Sneaker Stores in Indianapolis

You’re in Indianapolis for the final three games of the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament, waiting for the next team to be crowned champions, but the sneakers you’re wearing need to be upgraded. Whether you’re a fan of just basketball sneakers or prefer something different, maybe a great running shoe or something made for the outdoors, there are plenty of places in the city to visit.

Check out the top sneaker stores that Indianapolis has to offer.

Finish Line

The retailer made sure customers knew March Madness was alive and well in its Circle Centre location, adding elements from teams in the tournament throughout the store. The company embarked on a campaign for the tournament entitled “Let’s Dance,” where they attempted to engage fans watching the tournament with bringing them timely, team-specific information and products with each game that passes.

Got Sole? 

Established in 2007, this North College Avenue sneaker boutique offers the latest and most sought after sneakers, apparel and accessories from Nike, New Balance, Asics, Diadora and more. If you’re looking for a pair of new, exclusive sneakers for the games, maybe with an outfit to match, this may be your store of choice.

Athletic Annex

While basketball isn’t their forte, Athletic Annex is a go-to store in for the serious athlete. If you have a passion for running or are just a fan of running shoes and apparel, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for at the two Athletic Annex locations.

Indiana Running Company

Another store not associated with basketball but offers the latest and greatest in running is the Indiana Running Company. If you’re looking to get some new running shoes to wear to the championship game, you’ll be able to find them at its North College Avenue location.

Rusted Moon Outfitters

This store isn’t your traditional sneaker store, they cater to the outdoor sports enthusiast, but if you’re looking for a great outdoor sneaker, chances are they sell it. If you’re looking to get laced-up in a great outdoor sneaker before the game, Rusted Moon Outfitters may be your store of choice.

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