Lunch With Manolo

There’s nothing like lunch with Manolo Blahnik.

The ever-entertaining designer dished on his favorite topics ­— from fashion to film — during a visit with Footwear News at his favorite London restaurant, Bibendum.

While much of the conversation was off-the-record (trust us, it was good), here are few thoughts Manolo did share with us:

On Tom Ford’s footwear collection: “I really like what he’s doing. It reminds me a little bit of some of the things I did in my early days.”

On Joan Rivers: “I was so upset [about her death]. She was a true New York woman.”

On discovering a new film: “A few nights ago, I was up at 3 a.m. and started watching this German film on Netflix called ‘Freier Fall.’ I didn’t think I would like it, but I really got into it. It’s about a man whose wife is expecting a baby [and he falls in love with a male police officer].”

On his favorite part of Harrods Shoe Heaven: “I absolutely love the chandelier in the Chanel boutique. Look, I even took a picture on my iPhone.”

On his forthcoming autobiographical film: “I was only comfortable doing it with [director] Michael Roberts. He really knows me.”

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