Katy Clark’s Good Taste

Nutritionist and fitness expert Katy Clark, known in wellness circles as Fit Chef Katy, is motivating women to live healthier lives as one of Ryka’s newest brand ambassadors. The 37-year-old mother of three promotes good eating and a workout regimen that includes running and weight lifting. “I love education and motivation — anything to get people healthy,” said Clark, who also serves as the American Heart Association’s celebrity chef, in addition to conducting her own private cooking and nutritional education business. As brand ambassador, she represents Ryka at fitness conventions and workshops, and will be featured in the sneaker label’s ad campaign and social media platforms. She also will provide Ryka with feedback through product testing. “She’ll be the pulse of the fitness community,” said Todd Murray, VP of licensing and marketing. It’s a good fit, considering Clark typically dresses head-to-toe in activewear. “I love having a punch of color, or I throw on an edgier piece to make it fun and functional,” said the Long Beach, Calif., resident, adding that she also enjoys dressing up. “I wear workout and chef clothes so much that when I do get a chance to be feminine, I love to wear high heels.”

Best summer vacation:
“Nothing beats an over-water bungalow in Bora Bora with stingrays swimming under you, snorkeling my way to dinner on the beach and taking coconut milk baths.

Last wedding I attended:
“My maid of honor’s marriage to a mysterious Italian. They’re happily married, have the cutest kids and live in dreamy Italy.”

Music for running: “I love Pandora station Zedd for speed and Kaskede for tempo. The pace I run has a lot to do with what I’m listening to.”

Guests I’d like to interview on a talk show: “Giada De Laurentiis [at right]. I feel I can relate to her and would love to explore that. And Dara Torres. I love that she made a comeback to sports and rocked it.”

Favorite meal to cook with my kids:
“Almond butter power balls — a clean and simple chocolate-covered mix of almond butter, flax meal and cacao nibs. I can turn them out much faster with their help.”

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