Jenny McCarthy’s Good Taste

Add footwear to her list of skills. Jenny McCarthy, the newest co-host of “The View,” partnered with juniors’ brand Mojo Moxy on a spring style called Dusty. “The look is fun and not too pretentious. The one thing I like is that all of their styles are affordable,” she told Footwear News. “I always joke that I want to paint the bottom of my shoes red because the Christian Louboutins of the world are too expensive, even for me.” The $70 ankle boot, featuring strap details and cutouts, will be available in select stores and at DSW.com in April. McCarthy previously worked with Mojo Moxy when she collaborated with Candie’s. “They have been supporters ever since my son was diagnosed with autism,” said the TV personality. “I will be forever grateful.” In fact, both Mojo Moxy and DSW will donate a percentage of sales to Generation Rescue, McCarthy’s organization that assists families with autism. And the star will host an event at DSW Union Square in New York on April 9, but don’t expect to see her on a best-dressed list after the soirée, she said. “I feel like a man trapped in a female’s body,” she quipped. “I’ve always been a tomboy a bit.” Here, McCarthy shares her figure skating dreams and nostalgia for hippie fashion.

Something people might not know about me:
“I am insanely spiritual. I’m very New Age and Buddhist. I’m very Zen. You have to be with my life and career.”

If I chose a sport for the Winter Olympics … “Without a doubt, I’d pick ice skating. Growing up in Chicago, I taught myself how to skate. Every single night I’d go to sleep pretending I was a figure skater.”

Activity I love to do with my son:
“Talking. There is nothing better than talking about his latest monsters. He is addicted to zombies. We talk about school and his girlfriend.”

Best TV show:
“‘Bar Rescue.’ It is freaking awesome. As human beings, we love comebacks. This guy comes in and screams at people. He is the person who smacks businesses in the face, but you have that complete feel-good [moment] by the end of it.”

My footwear style is …
“You know mood rings? That’s how I feel about my shoes. If I’m feeling good, I put on stilettos. If I’m feeling lazy and I’m in what I call my PMS outfit, I will make sure the shoes are comfortable.”

Favorite bygone fashion:
“I miss bell-bottom jeans so badly. I’m really wishing for a comeback. I’m so over the skinny jeans.”

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