Inside the Closet of Disney’s Kelli Berglund

Kelli Berglund is constructing an even better footwear collection.

The young actress, who will star in the Disney Channel original movie “How to Build a Better Boy,” debuting Aug. 15, appreciates variety when it comes to her shoe choices. The 18-year-old also stars in the popular Disney XD sitcom “Lab Rats” and has appeared in the series “Kickin’ It.”

“My personal footwear style varies from casual to super-fancy,” Berglund said. “I love heels and I have an obsession with shoes. The first thing someone says when they walk in my room is, ‘Wow, look at your shoes.’ I take pride in them.”

In the upcoming film, Berglund stars as preppy nerd Mae Hartley, who works with her best friend to create the perfect robot boyfriend. But Berglund said her personal look differs from her character’s fashion.

“[Mae’s style] is very different and something that I had to get used to,” Berglund said. “Our wardrobe stylist paired flat laceups with frilly socks. I actually went out and bought a pair of socks myself.

“In the movie, there is another outfit I wear with kitten heels. It’s an awkward in-between height that I had to get used to. I was very open to [transforming] into my character.”

Her closet happens to be dominated by Steve Madden, but some other standouts make their way in, too. Here, Berglund gives Footwear News an inside look.

Total owned: “About 40 to 50 pairs.”

Favorite brands:
“I love Steve Madden. About 80 percent of my shoes are from the brand. I also like Chinese Laundry and Sam Edelman.”

Oldest pair:
“I have a lot of shoes that I’ve owned for a while, but there is a pair of nude wedges [from Qupid Shoes] that go with every single outfit, and I’ve worn them a million times. Every time I walk, they make a little noise and croak, but I just can’t get rid of them.”

Favorite red-carpet look: “Since I’m not very tall, I like to wear super-tall shoes, especially heels that have a little bit of platform to them, which makes them more comfortable. I’ve been trying to make shoes more of a statement [at events] with something colorful.”

Weekend go-to:
“If I’m not wearing heels or at an event, I’m in Converse 24/7. The sneakers are so easy to wear and they are comfortable.”

Best sporty style: “I have a pair of Skechers in a simple dark-blue color, and they are comfy and I wear them whenever I’m being active or on the go.”

Celebrity I’d swap closets with
: Actress and singer Zendaya. “I follow her on Instagram, and she’s always posting shoes of the day or shoes she loves. When she wears tall shoes, she’s so powerful. I have actually gone to a stylist and said, ‘Let’s find shoes like this. I have shoe envy.’”

Most recent purchase:
“I bought a pair of heels for my [high school] graduation a couple of weeks ago. They are Steve Madden — off-white with a green tint. I thought they would look cute with my cap and gown.”

Organizational strategy: “I was running out of space in my closet for shoes, so I had to go to Ikea to buy more cubby sets. I have 24 [storage] cubes at the moment, where I put all the heels that I can fit. I also have combat boots in there that I wear all winter.”

Dream shoe purchase:
“I am dying to own a pair of Louboutins. There is a white style with spikes on them, and I’m saving up and waiting for the right moment. I look forward to the day that happens soon.”

Footwear I’m not a fan of:
Jelly sandals. “I’ve seen them worn by so many people, they are just not necessarily my style.”

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