Hockey Star Caroline Ouellette’s Cool Picks

When Canadian women’s hockey player Caroline Ouellette isn’t scoring goals for the Montreal Stars, she’s serving as brand ambassador for Pajar Canada and promoting hockey among the country’s young women. “I’m very passionate about coaching and growing the game,” said Ouellette, who helped bring home the gold for Canada in the 2014 Olympics. “The opportunities I got through hockey have been incredible.” The crossover between athletes and fashion continues to escalate, so it’s no surprise that when Ouellette slips off her skates, she dresses up in a pair of low — yet stylish — heels. “I’ve gotten more comfortable walking in heels and now enjoy wearing them,” said the 5-foot-11-inch Ouellette, who ranks Michael Kors among her favorite shoe brands. However, on a recent trek to the North Pole with True Patriot Love, Canada’s charity honoring the country’s veterans, she opted to cozy up in a pair of Pajar boots. Here, a few more of Ouellette’s choice items.

Men’s hockey team I’d like a spot on:
“Montreal Canadiens. They’ve won so many Stanley Cups.”

Most coveted trophy:
“My Olympic gold medal. It’s so special to represent your country.”

Staying warm on a cold night:
“I have a heating blanket I start before I get into bed. That’s heaven to me.”

Language I dream in: I have no idea, since my dreams are mostly images.”

My Cell phone usage: “I like to text. I don’t enjoy getting messages to call someone back. I’m focused on the task at hand.”

Biggest Sibling rivalry:
“My sister and I love to cook. Sometimes we challenge each other to make a dish for family gatherings.”

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