Hannah Bronfman’s Good Taste

She likes to mix it up. As a DJ, a breakout health and wellness social media star and the founder of the Beautified salon-appointment app, which will release its version 2.0 next month, Hannah Bronfman wears a few different hats. She didn’t necessarily anticipate this career path, but said she’s enjoying every aspect. “My hobbies are passions that have taken a full-time effect in life, which is awesome,” Bronfman said. And her penchant for switching up any routine spills over into her workouts. The fitness enthusiast does dance, Pilates, yoga and old-fashion calisthenics: “I’m all about keeping things different.” Later this summer, she’ll add blogger to her resumé. Bronfman plans to launch a website that she describes as “an extension of all the things I’m already posting on social media — more workouts, more travel. It’ll be a destination for healthy living.” Here, Bronfman sounds off on her style inspiration, the shoes on her feet now and her No. 1 beauty must.

Best-kept New York secret:
“I just moved to the East Village. I love that I can go to Tompkins Square Park. I don’t need to pay for it and I can work up a sweat. And there are a thousand places to explore [in that neighborhood]. I’m really looking forward to finding the cute untouched places.”

Go-to sneaker styles:
“For cardio, Newtons are great. And then for walking the city, I like Nike.”

Favorite shoes in my closet:
“My Miu Miu heels. They have a platform under the toe and a really thick heel, and they’re white and red. They are a standout shoe, are extremely comfortable and give me so much height.”

You will never find me without…
“A manicure. Right now I’ve got a World Cup manicure that’s really fun. I’ve got a different flag on every finger. My nails are definitely always done.”

Style icon: “Lauren Bacall. She was always so sexy without being scandalous. She was a classic beauty and embodied femininity while dressing masculinely. I think that’s a beautiful contrast.”

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